Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Uncle Dusty's Guide to Business Savvy

           Over the course of my career in the public and private sector I have met many people who are unhappy in their jobs.  I’ve tried to give them an opportunity to talk about what they dislike and what they hope will change and most of their issues are with people (boss, co-workers) more than job duties.  There are ways to lead up and lead sideways in order to establish a more conducive environment.  However, if the behavior exhibited by bosses or co-workers is illogical, I try to help them see sometimes you have to just let it go, like Queen Elsa, but without that whole frozen kingdom thing.
                I present to you Uncle Dusty’s Guide to Business Savvy.
  1. When someone shows you who they are by their actions, pay attention.  Maya Angelou taught us many things; this is one of the most important. 
  2. You cannot reason with an unreasonable person.  Stop trying.
  3. Adapt, adopt, abandon is not just for business processes.  Improve it, use it or get rid of it.  What ‘it’ is depends on you. 
  4. Abandonment is not a failure; it is a decision to stop participating in an activity which offers no sustained value.   
  5. You should LOVE your job or you should get a different job.  Someone else is out there waiting to LOVE your job but you’re in it.  They may be in yours. 
  6. Leaders should be talent scouts, always on the lookout for the next generation of leaders and thinkers. 
  7. Don’t be afraid to poach talent from another department, agency or business.  It’s up to their boss to try and keep them.
  8. Don’t automatically promote star employees. Some people are meant to be a star on the front lines.  Critically evaluate their ability to lead and manage. 
  9. Blame processes, not people, but verify the people are following the processes.
  10. When someone presents you a weak idea, have them walk you through their thought processes.  In the subsequent conversation, you can lead them to an improved idea and better critical thinking skills.
  11. You cannot achieve anything meaningful without a plan.
  12. Teach anyone who is willing to learn. 
  13. Highly effective people are lifelong learners; be willing to be taught.
  14. Demonstrate passion for your work regardless of whether or not people are watching you.  Be aware people are always watching, even when you think they aren’t, especially if you are the boss.
  15. Socializing is one of the best methods to introduce new ideas and concepts.  Chat about your idea before you formally submit your plans.
           These ideas have been road-tested and I have the scars to prove it.  I don’t always learn
things easily but I usually learn it the first time around.  And I share because I care about you people.  As ardent fans of ol’ Uncle Dusty, of course you will commit these to memory and practice with the quickness, right?
          And that’s all I’m saying for now.


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